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(The mechanism is triggered by a radio-controlled clock which takes into account the changing times of dawn and dusk.)


Chinese philosophy teaches that the two central concepts of nei (the inside) and wai (the outside) do not oppose but complement. These concepts are embodied in my structure. There is the sense of arrival that is contained in the idea of departure: at the moment of closure, there is a new beginning. The essence is movement, and movement is anticipation.

The Chinese sign designating "gate"contains, quite visbly, two wings. This metaphor has inpsired me: wings that open wide to receive the guest, wings that close to protect and shelter him.


These wings are animated by the rhythm of nature - of night and day. The rising sun brings them alive, opening the wings; at sunset, the doors pivot to close the gate again. Thus attention is focused on the interior - at repose now, where calm may unfold.