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Proposals for items in the shop of the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto


The "Bismellah" in the entrance hall of the Ismaeli Centre Toronto (ICT) is mounted in Kufic characters as natural stone mosaic. The particular structure of the characters allows developing varied series of calligraphic patterns. Usually these patterns came especially to use in Middle East architecture. The same patterns can also be used to print traditional Arabic-Persian poetry for instance, on fabric to be wrapped, bound, wound, plaited, knotted and folded.

When worn, constantly new coincidential images are generated by the movement of the body, liberating the strictness of the Kufi´s structure - almost becoming weightless.

The calligraphy may result in funny unexpeted games - jeu de mots.


The principle of this kind of transformation can be extended an dapplied to many other accessoires, e. g.g earrings, pendants, pins, bangles, postcards, invitation cards, greeting cards and even shopping bags.